Dog Training for a happy friendly dog

Dog Training is part of having a happy, healthy, friendly dog. Every pet owner’s dream! Maybe you’ve always imagined runs on the beach or watching him play with other dogs in the park. And laying contentedly at your feet watching a movie with you and your family. However, what happens to your relationship with your best friend when they constantly pull on the lead or they don’t come back when called? And they chase other dogs or they become food aggressive? Most of all, what happens to your dog and their well-being?

Your dream of a well socialised, friendly and well behaved family pet can become a reality. Due to our extensive experience your dog will become the best that they can be! For 25 years, our team of fully Qualified Dog Trainers and Qualified Dog Behaviourists have successfully trained dogs from all walks of life and for all sorts of reasons.

Training Issues

Pulling on the lead and not coming when called are two of the more common training issues for a dog owner. Rather than becoming upset, K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre’s Qualified Dog Trainers can assist you and your dog to overcome these and many other training problems.

Call Mark today on 6562 4618 to discuss how we can help.

Behavioural Issues

Jumping, barking and chasing are common behavioural issues facing many dog owners. While this can become upsetting, K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre’s Qualified Dog Behaviourist can assist you and your dog to overcome these and many other behavioural problems.

Call Mark today on  6562 4618 to discuss how we can help.

Certified and Qualified Dog Training Specialists

Our team of Qualified Trainers and Qualified Behaviourists are committed to all dogs great and small. We value the friendship, love and fun that a dog brings to their owner. This is what inspires us to be the best at what we do. Dogs are part of our own lives therefore we understand the joy that each and every dog brings to the world.

Mark is the leader of the pack at K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre and dogs have been part of his life since he was a boy. As a result, his love of dogs means he is a true pack leader and his innate understanding of the dog is remarkable.

Mark is a Certified Animal Behaviourist and a Dog Training Specialist. He has worked with Qualified Police Dog Handlers, Qualified Army Dog Handlers, and is trainer of Australian Champion Sparticus.

Especially relevant is the fact that he has successfully trained dogs from all walks of life.  Dogs with behavioural issues and dogs that require intensive rehabilitation for re-homing. Show dogs and specialist working dogs including truffle detection dogs. Dogs for wheelchair bound people, companion animals for autistic children, the elderly and those suffering from PTSD.

Furthermore, Mark ran the Puppy Training School and Dog Obedience School in Port Macquarie for 20 years. He is the breeder of Gundrift Quality Chocolate Labradors, a member of the ANKC and a Dogs NSW Member for over 10 years.

Our Services


Local Vets Trust K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre


Mark regularly runs puppy school at Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital and continually demonstrates his remarkable ability to communicate with animals. To observe and experience the techniques Mark uses in training reflects positive results without doubt.

Over the years I have referred many dogs with behavioural problems to Mark, be it aggression, barking, house training, socialising or simply curing bad habits. Mark displays a caring confident way of educating the pet (accompanied sometimes with a few subtle suggestions to assist re-education of the owner) The feed back from clients has always been excellent. Read More.

Dog Training Kempsey - K9 Dog Training Centre
Dr Chris Livingston BVSc (hons), DVCS, MANZCVSPort Macquarie Veterinary Hospital

Award Winning Dog Training Facility

K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre is an Award Winning Dog Training and Boarding Facility located near Kempsey on the Mid North Coast.

As a result of this unique environment, our specialist Qualified Dog Trainers and Qualified Behaviourists can easily assess your dog’s temperament, challenge their behaviours and work with them in a safe and secure framework.

Our training facility is set on an idyllic 10-acre park like farm within the grounds of Australian Pet Boarding a tranquil and calm environment. Your dog will feel right at home the moment he arrives, hence our successful outcome dog after dog!

Especially relevant is our convenient location. An easy drive from many Mid North Coast locations including Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Crescent Head, Forster, Taree South West Rocks, Macksville, Nambucca and Coffs Harbour.