Obedience Dog Training and Boarding Package

Obedience dog training and boarding with us allows our specialist trainers to work with your dog one-on-one. This comprehensive and unique experience will see your dog work with several trainers during their stay. Your dog will have the confidence to follow any person handling them. During their stay they will learn, or re-learn, their basic manners and have their problem behaviours addressed.

Your dog will learn how to walk calmly on lead, how to sit, stay, drop and how to leave it. With three training sessions per day on our 10-acre property your dog will encounter all manner of animals. Dogs, cats, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, peacocks and an abundance of wild life live at our facility. This allows your dog to be challenged and reactive in order to reward base when your dog displays the correct behaviour.

Your dog will be staying with us at Australian Pet Boarding, an award winning boarding facility. Here your dog will have plenty of playmates and plenty of free play time. At the end of their stay with us, you and your dog will be taken through the hand over stage. This will teach you both how to be with each other in a calm and confident way.

Private Lessons

Private training lessons are perfect for those that require a basic training refresher or to fix simple problem behaviours displayed by your dog. Your Qualified Trainer will take your dog through their basic manners allowing them to assess where and how the problem behaviour is arising.

The first part of the session is the trainer working with your dog one-on-one. This is to build confidence and rapport with the dog and to observe your dog’s ability to respond to commands. It also shows the trainer your dog’s overall ability to learn. Once your dog has mastered the new way of life, you as the owner are then taken through the hand over stage.

These two stages combined result in a happy, confident, friendly dog that you can take everywhere with you and be proud of. Another reason why choosing K9 Specialist Training and Rehabilitation Centre is the way to go!

Specialist Training

Our team of Qualified Trainers and Qualified Behaviourists has successfully trained many specialist dogs for a variety of reasons. Dogs with behavioural issues and dogs that require intensive rehabilitation for re-homing. Show dogs and specialist working dogs including truffle detection dogs. Dogs for wheelchair bound people, companion animals for autistic children, the elderly and those suffering from PTSD.

We will tailor a training package to suit your needs and work alongside you and your dog to a successful conclusion. Contact Mark today on 6562 4618 to discuss specialist dog training.

Obedience Dog Training Handover

Obedience dog training requires both you and your dog to come together in a calm state. This is why the hand over is a critical component for you to understand your role as the pack leader. Your Qualified Trainer will teach you how to communicate with your dog and most of all how to love your dog. Through the hand over you will learn all the basics of walking your dog on lead, how to tell your dog to sit, stay, drop and leave it. Most importantly, during the hand over you will learn the confidence of being the pack leader. This is an integral part of your dog’s life, his well-being, happiness and friendliness. A strong and confident pack leader results in a confident and stress-free dog!